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holey mother

i pray to you





shoutout to everyone making progress that no one recognized because you never let anyone see your darkest moments. i see you and i am so, so proud of every little step you’re making in the right direction.

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Hey so we’re in a bit of a SUPER TIGHT FUCKING SPOT.

We got this last month, and we’ve been brainstorming how to pay it because we literally can’t lose the house right now. We have a plan, but I don’t know if it’ll even work so this is our last ditch effort to at least try and keep the bank from foreclosing on my mom.

Right now, we owe $1830.78. The picture is of our notice that we had a month to pay that amount and two of our cats who will be hugely impacted if we can’t save our home. It’s now April 20th and we’ve only got a few days left, but I haven’t been able to pull more than 15 hour weeks at work and despite applying to about 30 jobs, I haven’t heard back yet from any of them. So we’re in a lurch.

If you want to or are able to help, PLEASE check out the YouCaring fundraiser I set up. Even if you can’t donate, please reblog this post so that someone who can donate will see it!

My friends and followers know I hate doing this. But at this point I have no choice but to at least try, because it’s not just my mom that’ll end up homeless if this happens – we have 6 cats. Two of them are nearly 13 years old and could not handle being left at a shelter, one is labeled as unadoptable and would be killed immediately because of her tendency to bite, one has bonded strongly with my mom and shows signs of depression when separated from her, and the last two can’t be separated from each other under any circumstances. We can’t lose the house.

I’m still searching for a better job, but even if I get one tomorrow there won’t be enough time to pay the past due mortgage. So please, if you can help it would mean the world to me, my mom, and our cats.

Again, please check out our YouCaring fundraiser page for more information and to donate. There is also a link in my description to my paypal, if you’re unable to donate on YouCaring for whatever reason.


So far 6 people have donated, putting us at $445. There’s still a long way to go, and anything helps, including reblogs of this post! If we can get to at least $700, that would be absolutely amazing.

We’re at 9 people having donated, putting us at $555! We still need help, and any donations are appreciated! We’re halfway there at $920! Thank you to everyone who has donated and shared so far! The generosity, kindness, and support you’ve shown means the fucking world to me and my family.

I posted an update on the fundraiser page, which you can read below:

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! I’m so immensely grateful for the support of those who have donated and shared this fundraiser and who have left such kind messages.

We only have one more full day to raise the rest of the money. We will be accepting donations even after the 26th – my mom and I will be pawning the title to our car to try and make up the difference, and every donation helps keep that amount lower so that we’ll be able to pay it back. The last thing we want is to save the house only to lose the car, which is the only means of transportation we have. Title pawn is a gamble we’ll need to take.

I also have some good news! While it’s not certain yet, I do have a job interview on April 25th for a full time position!

Please keep sharing the link to the fundraiser! Both myself and my mom want to extended our deepest thanks – you’ve helped so much during a very difficult time.

Title pawns can be treacherous. The more we are able to receive through this fundraiser, the less we’ll need to pawn the car for – making it more likely that we’ll be able to pay the loan off. Because we likely won’t have any choice but to pawn the car title, we’re extending the fundraiser a few days to try and ensure that we don’t have to pawn it for as much, meaning we will be able to pay it off if I get the job I’m interviewing for tomorrow or when my mom gets her student loan excess at the end of May.

Because the past due amount is due the 26th, we have very little leeway in how we handle this. Again, please, reblog this post and/or share the link to the fundraiser on your social media if you can’t donate. If you can donate, any amount is greatly appreciated and goes a long way in ensuring we don’t end up homeless.

If you donate, please feel free to send me Stucky writing prompts! I’m more than happy to write fic as thanks for donations, or, if you’d rather, I can try my hand at that whole art thing.

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Today has been a great day for Todd Howard on Wikipedia!

Happy Birthday Todd Coward!

The entire “Two Trucks” song was actually posted at one point and that was it for his entire Wikipedia page

20 Reasons to leave ‘‘Religion” behind

20 Reasons to leave ‘‘Religion” behind

1. Christianity is based on fear

2. Christianity preys  on the innocent

3. Christianity is based on dishonesty

4. Christianity is extremely egocentric

5. Christianity breeds arrogance, a chosen people mentality

6. Christianity breeds authoritarianism

7. Christianity is cruel

8. Christianity is anti-intellectual, anti scientific

9. Christianity has a morbid, unhealthy preoccupation with sex

10. Christianity produces sexual misery

11. Christianity has  an exceedingly narrow, legalistic view of morality

12. Christianity encourages acceptance of real evils while focusing on imaginary evils

13. Christianity depreciates the natural world

14. Christianity models hierarchical, authoritarian organization

15. Christianity sanctions slavery

16. Christianity is misogynistic

17. Christianity is homophobic

18. The bible is not a reliable guide to Christ’s teachings

19. The bible is riddled with contradictions

20. Christianity borrowed its central myths and ceremonies from other ancient religions.



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rtsy depression: haunted eyes, good at art, emo hair and eyeliner on point

Actual Depression: bloodshot eyes, no longer trust themselves with pencils, has not showered in five days

Quirky OCD: organized books, clean room, color coordinated outfits

Actual OCD: Intrusive thoughts, flipping the light switch 8 times so you don’t stab your brother, picking holes in your skin

Cute eating disorders: Slim trim and beautiful, shyly refusing a second helping, dancer aesthetic

Actual eating disorders: Puffy cheeks and eroded teeth from excessive vomiting, hair growing over your freezing body and refusing to eat carrots because they’re too high in carbs

Adorable anxiety: just a smol bean, soft, must be protected from the world

Actual anxiety: crying so hard you throw up, shaking, losing sleep over a period after the “okay”

RPG PTSD: flashbacks, vietnam, u don’t know what i’ve been through kiddo

Actual PTSD: Buying your first pregnancy test at twelve, flinching at high fives, i can’t feel my hands where am I what year is it

Cartoon ADHD: look a squirrel, something shiny, fidgety loveable bufoon

Actual ADHD: rereading the same page over and over because it doesn’t make sense, hasn’t done the laundry in four months, hyperfocusing on a mushroom knowing you have work to do

stop making terrifying realities seem cute. it’s disrespectful for those of us who are actually struggling

dare-i-say-asexual: Hello everyone! My name is…


Hello everyone!

My name is Wen Nguyen, I’m 20 years old trans guy, and I’m broke with no proper insurance.

I really did not want to come to this, but I’m really strapped on cash right now. My x-rays came in recently, and they said that my spine resembled that of a car crash victim. I’ve been in excruciating pain for the last 2 months, and I’m still desperately trying to find a job that accommodates my physical impairment. 

My treatment is 4 months, and at the cost of 1,200.00$ if not paid upfront. If I manage to scrounge up 1,000.00$ before 11 May 2018, that would be more than a miracle. 

Please consider donating to my PayPal, so I can get the proper treatment needed. Anything helps! Any person donating more than 25$ also gets a free copy of Paint Tool Sai!



Net neutrality ends on the 27th but they’ll try and fool you tomorrow by acting like the repeal of it is okay. Do not be fooled, that is state propaganda to keep you complacent and to stop riots and rebellion from happening! Do not give up! Keep calling who you need to call and keep signing petitions and texting! I know it’s a lot of emotional labor but we cannot give in! 🔥