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we are already living in the cyberpunk future and i know this because within a span of 3 days we went from this tweet:


to thousands of people making phony images and replying to them with their passionate desire to have them as a tshirt to overload the bots with nonsense and junk and send out warnings to shoppers like this:


and now we even have people replying to pictures of baby yoda with “i want this on a tshirt” knowing how ravenous disney is being with copyright in hopes to get the stores taken down altogether

i dont know what it is about stuff like this and the whole turn mei into a symbol of hk protesters thing but, its really reassuring for some reason

The first thing that people can do to bring about human freedom is to become aware of all of the small freedoms they have and expand upon them. In our world, there is a great deal of emphasis on broad and gigantic social, political and spiritual freedoms, but many people find it difficult to exercise even the smallest freedoms, such as simply expressing a fact or opinion in a social circle. The irony is that broad sweeping freedoms really exist so that people may enjoy all of the small freedoms that make existence worthwhile. One can begin enjoying those small freedoms simply by exercising them. As more and more people begin to do this, freedoms for all will expand. It therefore follows that sacrificing “smaller” freedoms in the name of achieving “broader” freedoms will actually cause all freedoms to be lost.

Freedoms are a a state privilege, and the have never been a a fundamental human right under law, from church cannon laws, to old Maritime law, to modern national government laws. Humanity has always been the chattel of  the lord from the church point of view, or  chattel of the state from the economic point of view. Sot true freedom is granting rights to devil worship and so it must be narrowly privileged and simply not a fundamental right.


“In 1984, when Ruth Coker Burks was 25 and a young mother living in Arkansas, she would often visit a hospital to care for a friend with cancer.

During one visit, Ruth noticed the nurses would draw straws, afraid to go into one room, its door sealed by a big red bag. She asked why and the nurses told her the patient had AIDS.

On a repeat visit, and seeing the big red bag on the door, Ruth decided to disregard the warnings and sneaked into the room.

In the bed was a skeletal young man, who told Ruth he wanted to see his mother before he died. She left the room and told the nurses, who said, “Honey, his mother’s not coming. He’s been here six weeks. Nobody’s coming!”

Ruth called his mother anyway, who refused to come visit her son, who she described as a "sinner” and already dead to her, and that she wouldn’t even claim his body when he died.

“I went back in his room and when I walked in, he said, “Oh, momma. I knew you’d come”, and then he lifted his hand. And what was I going to do? So I took his hand. I said, “I’m here, honey. I’m here”, Ruth later recounted.

Ruth pulled a chair to his bedside, talked to him

and held his hand until he died 13 hours later.

After finally finding a funeral home that would his body, and paying for the cremation out of her own savings, Ruth buried his ashes on her family’s large plot.

After this first encounter, Ruth cared for other patients. She would take them to appointments, obtain medications, apply for assistance, and even kept supplies of AIDS medications on hand, as some pharmacies would not carry them.

Ruth’s work soon became well known in the city and she received financial assistance from gay bars, "They would twirl up a drag show on Saturday night and here’d come the money. That’s how we’d buy medicine, that’s how we’d pay rent. If it hadn’t been for the drag queens, I don’t know what we would have done”, Ruth said.

Over the next 30 years, Ruth cared for over 1,000 people and buried more than 40 on her family’s plot most of whom were gay men whose families would not claim their ashes.

For this, Ruth has been nicknamed the ‘Cemetery Angel’.”— by Ra-Ey Saley


They’re already going back on the original donation holds anyway so nothing has changed except a marketing ploy .


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Life is complex that most of us giving up trying to understand it. It is meant to be this was. The  elite who have been gathering the mysteries of life for many thousands of years haven wanted the common person to  feel confused and overwhelmed. They have wanted the powers of darkness veiled from the poeple,  so that they can use their supernatural evil powers without competition. They have hoarded the best of science, magic,  psychology and spiritual knowledge  to themselves, and given mankind the crumbs. This isn’t something new, they have been keeping secrets from the bulk of mankind for thousands of years. In a sophisticated divide and conquer strategy, the mystery  religions were created to hide from the masses the existence,power and worship of Lucifer. The Bible is correct that Lucifer was appointed a postilion of great authority.

Evil wishes us  to be unaware of evil,  as it exploits,  abuses,  and destroy us.  This is why it pretends to be good and destroys whoever is able to see through its charade. Indoctrination and propaganda are the primary weapons of the evil rulers of this occupied  territory. Whoever controls men’s thinking and behavior,  from birth to death- by whatever  unscrupulous means- controls this  world.

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Let’s be clear here, there is no legitimate use for mass scale facial recognition tools. None. In every case it will lead to a total erosion of what remains of your privacy.

Not the police, not tech companies, no one should be able to track and identify you in an instant wherever you go.

Right now we’re possibly at the last point in time where this technology can be banned across the board before it’s suddenly everywhere and the argument will be “but everyone is using it, so we can’t do anything about it”.

Facial recognition should absolutely be a major issue right now.


In the good timeline, a ban on government and corporate use of facial recognition software would be a major election issue




On December 12th please VOTE LABOUR and GET THE TORIES OUT!

Every single vote will make a difference. Young people showing up and voting Labour is our best hope. Make sure you get to your polling station early on December 12th to ensure your vote.

Join UK Labour: will help you find campaigning events near you.

This is the end result of what Maggotty Trencher kicked off.