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hyrude: tell me why this budgetless gay youtub…


tell me why this budgetless gay youtube series made for fun by a group of friends has the best editing and writing of anything i’ve watched in a year.

also tell me how this single scene can contain every single one of the top three most iconic lines in history.



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  • Find your nearest food bank or mission, for food
  • grocery stores with free samples, bakeries + stores with day-old bread
  • different fast food outlets have cheaper food and will generally let you hang out for a while.
  • some dollar stores carry food like cans of beans or fruit


  • Sleeping at beaches during the day is a good way to avoid suspicion and harassment
  • sleep with your bag strapped to you, so someone can’t steal it
  • Some churches offer short term residence
  • Find your nearest homeless shelter
  • Look for places that are open to the public
  • A large dumpster near a wall can often be moved so that flipping up the lids creates an angled shelter to stay dry


  • A membership to the YMCA is usually only 10$, which has a shower, and sometimes laundry machines and lockers.
  • Public libraries have bathrooms you can use
  • Dollar stores carry low-end soaps and deodorant etc.
  • Wet wipes are all purpose and a life saver
  • Local beaches, go for a quick swim
  • Some truck stops have showers you can pay for
  • Staying clean is the best way to prevent disease, and potentially get a job to get back on your feet
  • Pack 7 pairs of socks/undies, 2 outfits, and one hooded rain jacket


  • first aid kit
  •  sunscreen
  •  a travel alarm clock or watch
  •  mylar emergency blanket
  •  a backpack is a must
  •  downgrade your cellphone to a pay as you go with top-up cards
  •  sleeping bag
  •  travel kit of toothbrush, hair brush/comb, mirror
  •  swiss army knife
  •  can opener

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if there is a Dollar Tree near you, they have entire food aisles

Planet Fitness also has $10 memberships. you can shower and they have free food days! pizza night 1st monday every month, bagel tuesday the 2nd tuesday every month.

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i am so glad that i renblogged this however so long ago. i saw this post and shared it with others in mind, but now i am the one who really needs this. id like to think of this as good karma i guess

also a good list if anyone ever needs to run away from home for whatever reason.

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panic/anxiety attack



  • breath in for 4 seconds
  • hold your breath for 7 seconds
  • exhale breath for 8 seconds

repeat once or twice more.

This causes an autonomic nervous system shift from a sympathetic (fight or flight reaction) state to a parasympathetic response.

Use this for panic/anxiety attacks, exams, presentations.

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The Golden Rule


Do unto others as they have done to you, and return each blow tenfold.

This is about the Nazi sympathizer question. M…

This is about the Nazi sympathizer question. Maybe you should add you do not speak for the church and your answer is your answer alone. I'm sure you know the CoS is all about individuality, against herd mentality, and not believing everything you are told. While there are some members of the CoS who believe in fascism the CoS doesn't condone it as fascism tells people what to think. My source: the black flame vol 5 #1 & 2

My answer can be generalised to many Laveyan satanists and I make my opinions as unbiased as possible. To be a neo nazi and to be a satanist is contradictory and I believe that you cannot be both, that is just stupid.


Here’s an article to explain why it is contradictory. It’s about theistic satanism but a lot of it still applies, and thank you to @e621s for bringing it to my attention.
PS: if you’re a Nazi sympathiser unfollow me now.