Tumblr Boycott to Protest Continued Lack of Movement to Ban White Nationalists




Tumblr @staff have been silent about the use of this site by white nationalist bloggers, while numerous other sites (see this post) have made actions to ban nazis/white nationalists/”alt-right”/fascists. Tumblr needs to know their lack of action is unacceptable. I love my tumblr community and want to stay, but if this continues, I will have to considering leaving.

I suggest we push back, and unite to boycott on a certain date. I’m arbitrarily suggesting September 1st – it’s nine days from this post, and that gives it enough time to hopefully get spread as far as possible. Boycotts only work if lots of people do it. Please consider joining me and logging off tumblr on September 1st, to let them know we’re serious about their apathy towards white nationalism.

Great idea.

Let’s also let @staff know that as they’re trying to increase advertiser spend, they should be well-aware of most ad tech companies (on the buy and sell side) have explicit rules against hate speech. You can tell Tumblr is aware of this because they’ve doubled-down on trying to locate the NSFW posts (quite badly based on how their technology fails so often) for what I imagine is brand safety for advertisers.

Given groups like Sleeping Giants has been successful in amplifying the voices of users protesting brands appearing on Breitbart, any other platform could be next in having their advertisers signaled with a screenshot of said posts where hate speech is proudly displayed against an ad served… well, you get the drift.

1.) Boycott

2.) Screenshot and tweet, byeeeeee 

this is the one thing that might have an effect. all our @staff and emails and million-note posts don’t do shit, so hit ‘em where it hurts – their wallets. 

one day – no posts, no replies, no hits. stay off tumblr. September 1st.