Satanism in general is extremely diverse, it’s not 1 religion or 1 belief system. Theistic Satanism is an umbrella term, LaVeyanism is a philosophy and another form of atheism, not an actual religion yes. Please stop perpetuating the lie that LaVeyan Satanism is ALL that Satanism is or is all Satanism in general. There are tons of different theistic Satanist sects/organizations, such as Joyofsatan,org

Some laveyans believe that it IS the only satanism because all the other sects are bullshit because they are so flawed. Some laveyan satanists believe that the other sects are valid. It’s just a matter of opinion, my personal opinion is mixed, I think: yeah sure there are other sects but they are all bullshit. For example, Christianity is bullshit but it’s still there. That’s the same with what I think about theistic satanist’s.