“I am the Dark Lord’s High Priestess, first amongst all…

“I am the Dark Lord’s High Priestess, first amongst all
mankind, first to hear the whispered truth He uttered behind the screams
of all that was false. He bids thee hear His words, hear mine words,
for they are truly one and the same.

Harken then the wisdom of Lilith to her children. Lilith, the true
woman. Lilith, the unbound. Lilith, the deathless. Lilith, the free.
Lilith, Queen of the Succubi. Lilith, who ends of the lives of children
(and ushers them into maturity, in there own time). Lilith, the first
Sorceress. Lilith, the Dark Mother. Harken mine wisdom, and be as I am.

Oh, children of the world, why dost ye not seeketh pleasure in all
things? Shall ye not make merry and enjoy without fear all that thou
would? Why dost ye bow in servitude to anyone or thing, instead of
mastering thine own self?

Why dost ye fear the life thou hast, instead of living it? Why dost
ye not explore thine potential and expand thine limits? Why dost ye let
another’s “truth” blind ye to thine reason and instinct?

Do ye not seeketh wisdom of all sorts, without fear of consequence?
Shall ye not knoweth all that thou wouldst know, and explore the shadows
thou lesser brethren fear?

Knoweth then once that all things were lies meant to bind us, and
that I refused to be bound. Knoweth that I sought the true Creator when
the false was proved false.

Why waste thine gifts on swine? Shall not thine gentleness be saved
for those who hast earned it? Ye hast not time for those who serve no

Love who thou will without remorse, spurn who thou will without
guilt. Let not love become a yoke about thine throat, or a dagger at
thine heart.

They who hast earned thy malice, shall they not be struck down with
cunning, wisdom, and power? Why giveth such any corner, or show any
mercy? Let thine success be anathema to them.

Our weapons are potent, if always kept sharp. Let thine sword sing as freely as thine voice. Knoweth joy in all things.

Are not thine deeds thine own? Who is responsible to ye or for ye but
thine self? Should ye not take pride in all thou hast achieved,
accepting and learning from thine failures? Why allow any the burden of
thine rewards in either case? What is thine is thine, and none others.

Are we not as beasts of the field? Can we not learneth well the
lesson of the wolf, the snake, and the spider? Trust thine instincts,
for in them is wisdom ushering from the Dark Lord Himself!

Dost thou knoweth that all evil exists in limitation? The only evil
ye may know is the denial of the self, or the denial of another. Can one
do what they will whilst depriving another of this right!

Spareth not righteous wrath, for this is the path of Justice, and the urge of the Dark Lord Himself!

Why do ye fear the powers of thine flesh, instead of revel in them!
Dost not thine greatest strength lay in the provocation of desire, and
thine flesh as a tool of pleasure? We are made for our own joy and the
joy of our fellows.

Mine temple is the temple of flesh. Mine litany is the swoon of lust.
Mine hymns are the orgasmic cries of ecstasy. Let thine offerings to me
be made in the sweat, tears, and wet pleasures of the flesh.

Ye men who would be my sons, indulgeth and wonder in the temple of
the flesh I provide for thee in all my daughters. My gifts unto thee are
thine strength and instinct, and the pleasures of my daughters that
hunger for thee.

Ye women who would be my daughters, revel in the gifts I have
bestowed upon thee. Knowest and rejoice, for thou are my favorites, each
of thee baring forth my form and the tools of lust! Fear not the blood
of the moon, mine mark upon thee, a symbol of mine pleasure in thee and
the power I bestow upon thee. Your rites in mine name with this sacred
blood will never fail.

My commandment to thee is simple. Take pleasure in all that thou art.
Lust is life, and thou cannot liveth without lust. Listen then always
for whispers in the darkness, for the dark Lord and I have our eye upon

These are the words of Lilith to her children, and we harken.”