The God of Luciferian Witchcraft is Seth-an, or Set (the same as…

The God of Luciferian Witchcraft is Seth-an, or Set (the same as
Samael, Satan). This is the Egyptian Prince of Darkness, a Lord of Chaos
and sorcerous power. Set should not be considered merely a God in an
anthropomorphic sense, rather a deific force which is the very essence
of our being. When Azazel or Lucifer brought to Cain the Black Flame of
Consciousness, this was as too Set’s gift to mankind. By working in the
circles of Luciferian Craft, you are merely fulfilling your ancient
heritage. While some choose paths less dangerous than this; the reality
of witchcraft as a Luciferian Gnosis cannot be denied. The Great Work in
reference to Set is for the magician to seek divinity, that is
awareness, individuality and personal power. By believing in yourself
rather than something ‘higher’ than you (The only Higher Angelick or
Demonic being is YOU, the Luciferic Angel or Holy Guardian Angel) you
become as your models.

Within the Black Tradition the Luciferian Trinity which is composed
of Samael – Lilith – Cain hold significance in the model of practice
within the cult. This Trinity is an alchemical process of becoming in
which the magician aligns and utilizes the deific associations of Samael
– Lilith – Cain to transform their consciousness into the divine
essence which is Baphomet, the Head of Knowledge. To described Samael, a
small section as follows is from LIBER HVHI, a ritual work which
defines the deeper and darker practice of the Left Hand Path in terms of

“It is written in the Bible that Samael/Satan fell from heaven as
lightening, being a flash downwards, who before the fall, was a guarding
Seraph around the throne of God. After his fall he was a master of
death, the very poison of God yet he was also a Giver of Life, being the
father between fallen angel and woman. In later Jewish writings, Samael
is associated with the name Malkira, which Morris Jastrow Jr.
associated with Malik-Ra, being “The Evil Angel” and the name
Matanbuchus, being a form of Angro-Mainyush or Ahriman. Here does the
circle become closed and the nature of the First Angel become perceived
or sensed. In ongoing ritual work, the magician begins identifying his
or herself with Samael (and Lilith) within the parameters of their own
life and initiation.

The Lord of the Earth, being a name ascribed to Samael (Satan) and
his fallen angels and demons, are but considered astral spirits, that
which no longer take physical form, but may become manifest through the
magician or witch who may make a “pact” with them, being initiation and
dedication to the Left Hand Path. Samael is the patron spirit of the
Left Hand Path, as his Word is what formed our thoughts and gave us the
inner fire of the Black Flame, our individual process of thought and
free will. The magicians who aligned their will with the Left Way, that
of Samael (the Devil), were given powers over the earth in one way or
another; all the while strengthening, defining and expanding their
conscious. In Exodus 7 the magicians were able to make frogs and
serpents by the power they obtained in the Devil, thus such creatures
are astral forms of Ahriman (Samael) and the dreaming body of witches
and sorcerers.” – Liber HVHI

Here we can see that Samael or Satan/Shaitan, is not the all
devouring aspect, but also the savior of humanity and the original
planter of the seed of light in our being. Through Cain did his lineage
survive and continue on spiritually to this present time.

Lilith, being the Bride of the Devil, is one part of the Adversary as
being the dark instinctual side of man and woman, feminine, yet
horrific and loving all within the same breath. Lilith is known by the
Semitic “Layil” which a word is meaning Night, but also the name of the
demon of the storm. Lilith is associated with the screech owl and other
beasts of the wild, as it is where she went after she left heaven to
wander the earth. She is considered one of the Three Assyrian demons
being Ardat Lilit, Lilit and Lilu, but rather these may be just
variations of her name. It is suggested by some Hebrew scholars that
Lilith was worshipped by exiled Jews from Babylon as a goddess of the

Lilith as described in post-biblical literature is viewed as the
Queen of Demons, she went to the caves near the Red Sea and copulated
with fallen angels to beget other demons, she also taught (according to
Manichaean lore – Az) the fallen angels how to form bodies and have
sexual relations to give life to other ‘dragon children’. She was said
to have been the reunited with her mate Samael (Ahriman) after the fall,
when he would not be roused by his fellow fallen ones and demons, only
the words of Az (Lilith) could rouse him. He then kissed her form and
caused menstruation, which was passed on to all women as Lilith is
directly connected with their fiery and dark sides.