The common misconception of Hell is that it is a burning lake of…

The common misconception of Hell is that it is a burning lake of fire
created by Jehovah for the Devil and his brood. This is not so! Satan is
a creator and Hell is the spiritual kingdom created by him. It is a
place that the hand of Jehovah has not touched. It is a place that
Jehovah cannot peer into. It is a place where the souls of humans know
not the sorrows of Christian torment. It is that place where we can
truly be with our own kind. It is a mirror of the Universe itself, as
conceived by Satan. And after Jehovah, the Nazarene, and all the souls
of Christian swine have been placed into affliction by Satan, all
creation shall become Hell. The very matter of Hell is pure chaos
reshaped into the darkest fantasies of the Satanic divinity. By its
nature, Hell knows not the turmoil of physical existence, nor do its
denizens know of the terror of expiration. It is that perfect place that
lives in the heart and desires of every true Satanist. Those who are
loyal and achieve their destiny in life shall join Satan’s legions after
death. The true will of the human is to fulfill his destiny, and Hell
is the destiny of much of us. Those who deny it will only know regret
that they deceived themselves in life. The destiny of every Satanist is
to join Satan in Hell.