Yo, I’ve been reading and doing some research on satanism and came across your blog (it’s dope by the way) and I’ve been thinking about taking the lead and fully identifying as a satanist and I had a question for you. How does the religion view/treat women and homosexuality? I know that the current high priest is a woman(which is dope) but I haven’t seen anything from what I’ve read dealing with gender roles and non heterosexuals

Women are equal to men, women should be able to embrace their sexuality (if they choose) and not be slut shamed. It’s about sexual freedom, it’s okay to use contraception for sex, it’s okay to be open about sex. If a woman wants to be dominate she should be able to do that without feeling guilty and the same as when a woman chooses to be submissive.

Homosexuality is absolutely fine and should be embraced and fully accepted. It’s natural and no one should feel ashamed for living their life the way they want to. (Actually bisexual myself)

Hope this helps!!