asterfall: Emergency commissions Hey I’m really sorry to have to be doing this again but something…


Emergency commissions

Hey I’m really sorry to have to be doing this again but something urgent just came up

Jist of the situation: my cat vomited a roundworm, there are two cats in this house whom we have to deworm and we need to entirely replace kitty litter. Roundworms are contagious to humans as well so should my landlady or I contract them it could end very badly.

As I said, my kitty just vomited up a roundworm which is spectacular, I now have to worry about deworming both him and my landlady’s cat (since I do take my kitty outside on walks this is probably my fault and thus my responsibility; he goes on walks with me because it eases anxiety) I am still currently jobless, I have gotten one interview out of the good twenty some places I’ve applied and nothing came of that. I’m applying for welfare but there’s a good chance I won’t get it. My land lady and I can not afford this right now we really need help. Kitty litter is expensive, deworming meds are expensive. I still need to get my kitty his vaccinacations and he needs to be spayed still as well. When I got my cat I was really counting on having a job by now since I live next to a REALLY busy street with all kinds of places to work but it’s really looking hopeless now because the only job experience I have is at a summer camp and I guess that’s not good enough for literally anything. (Which is wild cause you gotta deal with the most outlandish shit at a summer camp as well as be extra dedicated to your job and whatnot and I barely got paid anything for ~126 hours a week but honestly I guess that really doesn’t look good enough)

I’m still trying to get a job I really am, I’ve gotten used to living on like a sandwich a day or a cracker or nothing if we have nothing idk so that’s not too important now I just really need help to take care of these kitties.

I can do digital art commissions and writing commissions and I guess voice comissions? I have a variety of anime girl voices idk, examples of my art can be found on, @/dnapudding on Instagram and @astraligo although the most updated is my Instagram. There’s some writing on my website as well as my prices. Thank you so very much