Working with Gods, Deities and Spirits as a spoonie:

Sometimes witches will work with certain gods, deities or spirits within their craft. This isn’t always the case, but witches come from all sorts of religions and spiritualities, or none, and sometimes a witches religion makes up a large portion of their craft. However, having a chronic illness or disability can make it seem hard to work with gods or deities. When you don’t have the energy to get out of bed, how can you honour Thor, or Hecate or The Cailleach, for example.

Some people may be concerned that they cannot honour their deities in the correct way, as they cannot give vast, complex offerings in the same way that others do. I do not see this as an issue, as I think the deities care about how much energy we expend doing something for them. A non-spoonie person may use up 10% of their energy to create a beautiful altar, and bake bread and do a complex offering ritual to their deity. Whereas a spoonie person may use 50% of their energy to light a candle as an offering. It’s all relative to the particular person, the gods can see this and appreciate the effort applied.

Some simple devotional ideas:

I am not knowledgeable enough on individual deities, and there are hundreds upon hundreds of them; and so I cannot list devotional ideas for your chosen deities. However, there are common themes and simple things that you can do for nearly every deity, spirit or magical being.

  • Keep a light lit, or a candle burning whilst you focus on your deity
  • Do simple sketches or small craft projects for your deities
  • Leave out shiny pennies, cool rocks, shells or other findings as offerings
  • Devote a plant to your deity and take care of it (choose a plant that isn’t high maintenance so you don’t have to worry about it)
  • Make a playlist based on your deity
  • Create a virtual altar in an app or, as I do, on sims
  • Devote your self-care to your deity, i.e. looking after yourself is showing respect to your deity
  • Read, research and learn about your deity
  • Make a sigil based on your deity


@heatherwitch Small Devotional Acts series

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