Tumblr i need your help



If anyone in London would be willing to let me, two birds and possibly a dog (if you are willing to take the dog that would be amazing but im willing to leave him behind if i must) stay with them please message me.

my mother has become increasingly violent towards me and is now trying to take it out on my animals. I had to physically drag her away from one of my birds today to stop her from hurting it. 

i never thought she would get like this. I never though she would dare go after my animals. 

I have scratches all over my neck and face from where she attacked me tonight, my face is red from where she has repeatedly slapped and punched me. 

So tomorrow im getting kicked out of my house and onto the streets. I dont know what im going to do. Tumblr please please help me, I fear for my animals.

if you could reblog this as well that would help so much. 

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Please help me friend. He means so much to me and I need him to be safe.