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Wow, I had no idea Satan was so knowledgeable and generous with his time.


Can satan come teach a class at my school

Amusingly, among the Western European demon-conjuring cults of the 16th Century, many demons were greatly valued for their skill as teachers, often to the point that grimoires would place greater emphasis on the subjects each demon was qualified to teach than on their supernatural powers.

For example, this guy?

Teaches moral philosophy.

And this creepy dude?

He’s your astronomy professor.

Seriously, look this stuff up some time – it’s wild.

I now want a comic or cartoon series about demon teachers and their human students. Not sure if it should be college or high school.

“Aw, man – I got Professor Lionwheel. I hear if you fail his exams, he eats your legs.”

“Yeah, but he’s supposed to be really good about keeping regular office hours.”

“Huh. Sort of a trade-off, really.”

What do you have to do to get a scholarship?

I can’t believe you called Buer, Great President of Hell, Professor Lionwheel lmfao.

this whole post

The fact that christianity had (and still have) knowledge as enemy really matter to me, holy moly.