It’s Official, I’m Homeless and Disabled


My heart is heavy to even say this – I am homeless. I am writing this from inside a local McDonalds because it is freezing outside. My social worker is working on finding me a motel to stay in, but I am scared to be out here with nowhere to call home. The shelters are full tonight, and most of those are not even wheelchair accessible.

My heart is breaking – I have lost everything I once had. I was enrolled in university, living in student residence, and making friends. It all went south on November 14th, 2017 when I tried to end my own life. I was admitted to the psychiatric ward until December 4th, 2017. When I came home, the university said they were concerned for my safety and they could not offer me the resources I needed to be well mentally. I was asked to leave my only wheelchair accessible home.

Tomorrow I am going into the school to appeal their decision to evict me from student residence. No one should be treated badly simply because they have mental health struggles. I am going to therapy and taking all the necessary steps to ensure I do not end up back in the hospital. 

Tonight I will stay in a motel with the money fundraised and see where it goes from here. My mother is still working on making the necessary renovations to our family home but we need your help. Please reblog this and share it everywhere.

If you can, please click here to make a monetary donation to my GoFundMe.

P.s. @taylorswift if you see this, I love you.