So, you all know how much I hate bothering people and all. It’s kinda a crazy thing to ask for but we’re getting desperate at this point.  So, here’s the deal:

Both my parents are now on disability (one doesn’t have medicaid/care at the moment and is attached to her oxygen. Her medication is super expensive, but we’re working on finding ways to get it cheaper from other places.).  So, already, you know they aren’t getting much at all.  I’m still looking for jobs and applying as much as humanely possible and going to job fairs looking for employment to help.

Top it off, they lost food stamps for a bit (they’re trying to repeal it) but that also means food’s a bit tight. (can foods are godsends.)

But, these are problems we can figure out and scrape by a little.  The one thing we can’t is the mortgage on the house. Essentially, we’re close to losing our home that I’ve lived in for decades and there’s basically no idea where we -could- go to, much less afford it. 

We need at least $600-$2,000 dollars.  

So I’m asking for either donations to my paypal ( ) or you can buy something from my redbubble here.  (And you can suggest some artwork too! but keep it sfw)

Anything, no matter how small, is a big help.  I’m only going to keep this in circulation until either the minimum amount or full amount happens. (By then, I *hope* that I found a steady job. So I won’t have to do this.)

And if you can’t donate, that’s fine! 

Thanks for reading and if you could please reblog?

UPDATE:  Because my family forever never tells me a date until after I do a thing.

We have until Jan the 10, 2018 to get even half this in. 

Again, if you don’t have the money, that’s ok!  Just reblog and boost this please!