I believe in Satan, Lord of Darkness Almighty,…

I believe in Satan, Lord of Darkness Almighty,
adversary of Order and Creation;
And in Lilith, Birth-Mother of Demons and protector of whores:
Paradise was found within the flesh, and of the Earth
born of erotic temptation
suffered under Adam’s impotency
was exiled thus from the Garden of Eden;
She spat upon the grave of Her virtue
and descended into Hell,
And sitteth now at the left hand of Satan, Lord of Darkness Almighty;
from thence She shall come to baptize the damned in the milk of Her desire.
I believe in Baphomet, Goat of the Witches’ Sabbath,
the temple of thine own body,
mastery over vice,
communion with demons,
the insignificance of man,
the infinite evil of the Dark Lord,
and a coming end to all things.
Ave Satanas.