Nature preserve update!


Hello to my lovely followers! 
It’s a brand new year, and I have HUGE plans and goals!
As you all probably know, I’m working to turn my favorite forest into a nature preserve! It’s around 300 acres of land, and it sounds insane to even consider purchasing it. BUT! This place is SO SPECIAL! It’s worth every bit of struggle I will face. It’s worth all the work and research. It’s worth it all.

As soon as I entered that forest, I fell in love. The kind of love that would change my life. This forest gave me a new sense of wonder, something I’d never felt before. I felt such a connection with it, such appreciation for the wonders it held. I felt indescribable peace, with miles of wilderness stretched before me. Nestled in a valley, guarded by steep ravines and cliff line. No one had set foot in this forest in decades. And you can feel it. The seclusion, the wildness. That’s the thing that makes this place so special. Our hands have been absent, and nature has healed the scars we’ve created in the past. A land ruled by plants and creatures. 

MANY years ago, the valley was logged. Now, trees grow tall in the logging roads. Whoever logged it, honestly did a good job. Many large trees were spared, and left to grow to amazing size! I’m guessing the rugged terrain made for difficulties they chose not to bother with. The valley contains many ravines, they are steep, slick hillsides, lined with boulders and rocks. This terrain is what saved the oldest trees in this forest. Here, Hemlocks tower high above the cliffs, some of the largest trees I’ve encountered in all of my exploration of the Appalachians. So many of our old trees have been logged and hauled out long ago. Places like this are extremely rare. I’ve spent so many years exploring, and I’m yet to find another place like this one. 

That’s why I’m so set on saving it! Years ago, I began dreaming of turning it into a nature preserve. Because where we live, there is continual threat of land getting destroyed and contaminated. Folks around here won’t think twice before clear cutting a forest, drilling hundreds of oil wells, or even blasting an entire mountain to bits. This is common, and it’s like a disease. It continues to spread, and consume our land. For years, I’ve anxiously awaited the day, when something terrible would happen to my “secret forest”. And then one day, it dawned on me. Who is going to protect it, if I don’t? WHO is going to stand up for a place that sooo few eyes have even seen? 

I wasn’t given this passion within me for nothing. I have a fire that only grows stronger. My desire to protect what’s left of Appalachia is the greatest force in my life. For all these years, I’ve been sharing my adventures with you guys, so you can see through my eyes, and understand that Appalachia isn’t JUST a land of hillbillies and coal mines. Our land is extremely beautiful, and UNIQUE! Our forests hold wonders that you wouldn’t even believe! This region needs people to appreciate it, and stand up for what’s left of our forests, mountains, and wilderness. EVERYTHING I do is to gain appreciation for the region I love. I’m free as a bird, but I’m rooted deeply in this soil. I honestly believe with all my heart I was brought into this world to protect. One thing I’ve learned… one must follow their heart. My heart continually leads me to this forest, and the thought of protecting it never fades away. 

I waited for years, but finally, set my dreams into action.
This year, I have made the biggest goal of my life. 
I have such a good feeling about it!
I’m nervous, but mostly, so EXCITED! 
I will continue to work hard, explore, share photos, and do everything in my power to ensure this forest stays wild and healthy. 
I hope you guys will understand how important this is to me!
And also, realize how much I NEED YOUR HELP!!
You, yes, YOU! 
It is impossible to do it alone.
I need all the support I can get! 

I am poor as dirt, there is NO WAY for me to ever acquire enough money to purchase such a huge tract of land, on my own. If each of my followers gave small donation (even ONE DOLLAR!), to my cause, this dream could become a reality! Those few dollars are of such importance to me, and to this forest! You can be part of something wonderful! Once all is settled, and this land secured, you will KNOW that you did your part to protect the creatures that call it home, and the plants that thrive here! 

I’ve never attempted raising money before, and I’m still brainstorming ideas and methods. As for now, you can donate through paypal, and ko-fi (a lovely follower suggested it). I’ve created a bank account solely for the nature preserve, and not a single dime of any donation will be used for anything other than purchasing this land! 

A HUGE THANK YOU to all who have donated so far! You all are amazing, you seriously do not know how much I appreciate it! But so far, we’re sitting at around $100… which is nothing compared to the price tag for the land. It’s taken a week to raise that much, and it’s honestly a little disheartening. BUT no one said this was going to be easy. It’s gonna be tough!!! But as I said, if all my followers would make a SMALL donation,  we can do it! 

I’ll be posting lots of pictures of this forest, and telling you all more details about the land, trees, animals, and history of this place. I hope I don’t annoy anyone too terribly by the floods of photos, and asking for donations. But there is honestly no other way to reach my goal, other than to be persistent. Y’all… I gotta DO THIS! I have to make this happen! I cannot rest until this land is secured! Please, help me save this wilderness! 

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