This is a small shrine for Baphomet, or the Go…

This is a small shrine for Baphomet, or the Goat of Mendes.
This is Our Lord Satan, as He reveals Himself to His loyal ones.
Know that the Goat is symbolic of Pan, or All, for Lord Satan is All that IS, WAS, and ever SHALL BE.
The torch represents true enlightenment, for Lord Satan shall enlighten those that receive it from Him.
The pentagram on His brow represents man, for Lord Satan has always been
the very best friend of mankind: He is our just and lenient judge,
never condemning us for our natural inclinations.
The female breasts represent Lord Satan’s bounty: He gives abundantly to
the Children of Hell, and all things proceed from His mercy.
The caduceus represents lust, for Lord Satan is the Master of Nature,
and all life comes from Him. This is the lust of nature that brings
forth our existence from this planet, the lust that the xtian god would
try to cheapen, to defile, to make dirty and obscene–for the xtian god
is the god of the dead and dying…a thousand curses be upon him!
The wings represent FREEDOM for Lord Satan gives us total freedom in thought, word and deed.
His gestures represent the polarity that can exist…good and evil, right
and wrong, male and female: However, BOTH are to be found in our Lord
Satan, for He is All in One.
The globe upon which He sits represents the Earth, for Lord Satan is the King of this world.
The words on His arms are “solve” and “coagula”: the alchemical formula.
All together, the Goat of Mendes is a modern IDOL that can be honored and worshipped by those Satanists who know how.
All hail Baphomet!
All hail Satan!