Hey, so this is really important, please read

So last night my partner spent the night at someone else’s house, which isn’t abnormal. This morning I wake up to find them packing with their friend and not really telling me what’s happening besides “I’m leaving”. I guess they took their name off the lease without telling me and found a new place.

I’m disabled as fuck. I have hardly any money to my name and a surgery coming next month, not to mention a ton of appointments and stuff that I have to get to despite my agoraphobia making me a panicky mess. I’m going to lose this apartment, that’s kinda just all there is to it. I need help.

-I need a place to stay that’s close to my surgery for at least the next 2 months, which means I need to figure out rent. It’s 740 a month.

-I need to get my computer fixed because they took theirs with them and I need to be able to cam. That’s probably around 150 max.

-Then I’m probably going to have to move to one of the few people that care about me around the country, with an eviction on my name on top of bad credit.

I’m gonna need help y’all. This is completely out of the blue and if I don’t get some assistance I will at the very least miss my surgery, and at the most be on the streets again.

So that being said, if you can’t just send me money to help, I do sell custom nudes, and I’m more than happy to send stuff in return for keeping me afloat.

Love, Venom

Paypal is

This is a thing that I need to reblog every day, amidst regularly scheduled content. I’m in crisis mode atm and could really use some help or some sales. Please reblog.