Super rude of you to broadly paint the 'c…

Super rude of you to broadly paint the 'cutesy faux feminism' on Tumblr. Wouldn't that apply to you as well?

Well, first and foremost, I wasn’t saying that all feminists on Tumblr are “cutesy faux feminists,” and I’m sorry it came off this way.

What I was referring to was the sorts of posts that say “If we don’t get free tampons, boys shouldn’t get free condoms!!!!!” oblivious to the fact that free condoms were something hard won during the AIDS epidemic and were literally a matter of life or death for the queer community.

I was referring to people who condemn men for being violent, and then praise women for slapping their boyfriends in public.  Or to people who applauded Finn Wolfhard for “standing up for women” by leaving his talent agent after it came out that he was a sex offender, when in fact the people harassed by the agent were young boys.

Even just posts along the lines of “All girls are cute, but there are only, like, three cute boys” are a hallmark of this phenomenon:  boys suffer from body image issues all the time, particularly ones as young as Tumblr’s demographic, and having this sort of sentiment waved in their face is extremely harmful.  Never mind the fact that it’s often a struggle for queer men, trans men, and other marginalized men to love themselves as is. 

In short, the phenomenon I was referring to is self-proclaimed feminists who are only interested in feminism if it glorifies them and others like them, and aren’t afraid to put others down under the guise of female positivity.  These are also the feminists most likely to ignore the problems of women of color, trans women, and other women more marginalized than they are.

Does this apply to me as well?  Well, there will always be flaws in my ideology, but I certainly hope not.