The Pain That Most Transmen Are Ashamed to Tal…

The Pain That Most Transmen Are Ashamed to Talk About:




We have learned of the higher risks of cancer if a hysterectomy is not completed after five years of being on testosterone.

This is important.  Read it.  Especially if you have been on T for over or close to 5 years.  I have felt these pains.  Even just today.  I have been on T for over 5 years.

Something I have learned and have tried to be less of afraid of as a trans person is that you need to put your physical health above your feelings of shame.  If you’re having a serious medical concern you need to find a doctor you are comfortable with and talk to them.  It’s not fun, it’s not easy to do, but it’s important for your health.

Please, followers, remember to report any and all pain you experience to your doctor.  Do not hide it!  Your doctors are there to take care of you and ensure that you are safely and discreetly taken care of.


Super important!!