It happened, I’m homeless

It happened, I’m homeless:




I don’t know how to describe my situation other than desperate. I am leaving the state soon to be with my loving s/o @bingus-bongus, but right now I have no money for basic things like, food. Body wash. I’m living with a friend who’s a terrible influence and my parents haven’t even asked how I am, only texting me to tell me to get my things. The only things keeping me afloat is the love from my friends and boyfriend, and it’s so good to k ow how supported I am in this time. Please, please help me eat by donating a dollar or reblogging. I’m so close to living my dream with the man I love, I just need to make it there.

My boyfriend lives several states away and needs money for food and an airplane ticket to me! He’s in a very bad place right now with transphobic people who use him for Not Good Things

At the very least, please please please reblog and donate if you can so he’s able to eat! And once he gets enough money for an airplane ticket, he’ll finally be safe and living under a good house with me!

guys please, i’m more than willing to do a small drawing request for anyone who donates. all you’d have to do is donate to him what you can then message me and ask for a drawing request. 

it’s currently January 21st and we expect Cecil to finish his schooling by the end of February (that’s the month right after january!!). He can fly here once he finishes school. but he needs money to get by until then! he currently has a job but that’s not enough money to pay for a nearly 200 dollar flight AND eat for 6 weeks! 

please help your fellow trans and gay man! no one deserves to be homeless and on the brink of panic attacks nearly every day. by reblogging, you’re helping a BPD and Autistic lgbt couple so so much (he has bpd and i’m autistic and we’re both trans and gay).

we plan on making a stim/slime shop once he gets here so if anyone donates, message me so i can get back to you and thank you once he gets here and we can probably give you a free slime! 

if you want to see what he looks like, click here