Dear non-autistic fans of the new Power Rangers 2017 reboot.

I am autistic, as is Billy. 

As we all know, Billy is the Blue Ranger. This may be an issue in April. Blue is the “awareness” color used by Autism Speaks, a charity that is offensive to a large portion of the autistic community.


Please do not associate Billy with the blue puzzle piece of Autism Speaks. Not in April, not ever.

Please do not create autism awareness “light it up blue” mood boards using the Blue Ranger. Not in April, not ever.

Do not buy any Power Rangers stuff if it has blue puzzle pieces or the Autism Speaks logo on it because that gives money to that organization.

Autism Speaks is an insult to autistic people everywhere and has done harm to the autistic community. 

Most of the autistic community encourages a boycott of Autism Speaks and any products that donate to it. 

* * * You can learn more here:


Autism Speaks being big and well-known doesn’t mean they’re good. (Just like PETA, the Susan B. Komen foundation and some branches of the American Red Cross are trash…google those names with the word controversy.) 

Autism Speaks gave platforms to people who expressed a desire to kill their autistic children. Their founder, Suzanne Wright,(who passed away recently) has referred to autistic people as “missing”, as if we aren’t really people, and compared us to people with Hansen’s disease (leprosy) who are “out of touch with time” in an appeal to the Vatican. This is very infantilizing language!

Autism Speaks exploits autistic people to get your money.

Autism Speaks only give 3% of their donations to autistic people while everything else is feeding their pockets, research (that is not helpful to us), advertising and marketing. So that means that you hand Autism Speaks 20 dollars…and after it’s all spent the autistic community gets 60 cents

Autism Speaks has stolen intellectual property from autistic people.

Autism Speaks doesn’t have any autistic people in representative or leadership roles, yet it claims to represent autistic people.

Autism Speaks has used fear mongering propaganda tactics to make you think autism is a horrible epidemic that is ruining lives.

Autism Speaks has never apologized for any of its negative rhetoric, propaganda, theft, silencing of autistic voices or causing much of the negative stigma that still affects autistic people to this day.

I will probably get a lot of reblogs telling me to shut up because that’s what Autism Speaks supporters do. Autism Speaks trains you to ignore autistic voices as “trolls” to further silence us.

Please listen to me, an autistic person.

Don’t insult the autistic community by associating Billy, the Blue Ranger, with “light it up blue”, autism awareness stuff, blue puzzle pieces or Autism Speaks.

In April, the autistic community goes #REDInstead. We wear red instead of blue to protest Autism Speaks’ negative rhetoric and to bring about acceptance rather than useless awareness. We’re taking back April and turning it into Autism Acceptance month. You can participate whether you’re autistic or not.

Awareness focuses on symptoms.

Acceptance focuses on personhood.

Jason, the Red Ranger, had it right when he became friends with Billy. 

Be a Jason to the Billy in your life by listening to autistic voices.

Thank you! <3