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I work in a grocery store in a teeny town in Florida right near Daytona Beach, and we have a basically nonexistent LGBTQ+ community. Two of my regulars are a lesbian couple who have been together for thirty years. THIRTY YEARS!! They are super cute and always very kind to me when I ring up their groceries. One time, they came into the store after Volusia Pride (my county’s tiny pride festival) all decked out in rainbow stuff, and I said I liked it, and they just gave me smiles and said, “You’re family.” They are truly lovely.

They own a chocolate company called Sappho Chocolates that make gourmet chocolate that looks amazing. With the holidays coming up, it’s a great time to support a lesbian-owned business and treat your loved ones (or yourself) to some awesome chocolate. This is their website. If you can’t afford to buy anything from them, please reblog this post! I love these two wonderful ladies, and their business needs support!


Valentines is just around the corner! Support small LGBT buisnesses!