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And before anyone makes any 4/20 weed comments, the date is the anniversary of the Columbine massacre. 

Damn straight.

Fuck, I’ll host GED classes in the damn library if it keeps kids safe. I’ll share what skill with words I have, what life experience I have, and make sure that the kids in my community come home safe and stay that way.

Remember kids: Student walk-outs and sit-in protests are incredibly effective, because it means that the system is breaking down. Their authority only goes as far as you let it.

Don’t bring weapons to protests.

Don’t bring mace or tear gas to protests.

Get bottled water, at least six bottles per person for four hours.

Pack a first aid kit. Ace bandages, band-aids, water, dried gatorade (a scoop in a bottle of water helps prevent heat stroke due to dehydration), and sunscreen.

Keep emergency contacts on all cell phones, and if possible appoint someone in the group to be the designated emergency contact caller. Their job, if shit goes south, is to run to safety and call parents, call friends, call help, not just the police.

Don’t be afraid of Juvie. Your record is expunged at 18, if the crime isn’t something like murder.

The public school system cannot function without students attending, this is a supremely effective strategy.

Keep up with and take food to those who rely on free and reduced lunches. Find a homeschool co-op or go attend classes at those online k-12 things. If you’re old enough to drive now is the time to start carpooling.

just a reminder that this is also to teachers. this is circulating in my program. that teachers are just as much a part of this creation for a walkout, too. because no teacher should have to go to work thinking they’re going to die alongside their students because congress refuses to do anything. 

teachers: walk out. for your students. for yourselves. walk out