Net Neutrality is Dead and You Can Expect Your…


Yeah, no, I’m cross-tagging because the lack of attention this is getting overall is pissing me off.

Ajit Pai killed Net Neutrality. You’ll start seeing the effects you were warned about on April 23rd. Oh, and he apparently got an award for Courage from the NRA gun nuts, too.

You can still help by calling your senators and representatives. We just need ONE MORE PERSON on our side to get the senate portion of Congress to overrule the FCC’s decision to kill net neutrality. The battle for the net won’t end there, but it’s a start. Go to battleforthenet to find out who your reps are and where they stand, and CONTACT THEM.

Twenty-three states are also suing the FCC for this. I haven’t looked into it yet, but I assume big businesses like Google and Amazon are as well. Nevertheless, we can’t rely on lengthy lawsuits alone. The changes to your internet start in less than two months. We don’t have a whole lot of time.

Blow this up. Contact your reps. Please, do something! We HAVE to get the decision overruled!