#pedophilia #csa #child abuse incest #suicide #hopelessness #medical abuse

my mom is a pedophile and she molested and sexually abused me my whole life, and after countless attempts to get even a single person to believe and help me (including medical professionals and law enforcement), i am still all alone and now finally homeless after being kicked out. I’m and sick and disabled and unemployed and miserable, so now i am struggling to survive with extreme C-PTSD, depression, and fatigue all alone cause i have no family or friends who support me or believe me or nothin’ lol so please help me out in whatever way you are able to because i am horribly suicidal and still in the thick of the trauma no matter what i try to do to help myself, because i cant do it all alone and no one will help me, i get told “you’re on your own” by everyone and sent away, even from crisis stabilization unit-type places when i say im actively suicidal… which is really fucked up lol.

please help me and know that ill never forget the ones who actually did something. please reblog.