Watch out for this disturbing new trend in job…

Watch out for this disturbing new trend in job interviews:



Are you willing to work weekends? Holidays? Through the birth of your child? Until you collapse?

It’s the hot new thing in job interviews: Testing whether candidates are willing to sacrifice everything — their home lives, their families, their health — for the good of their company.

The Muse recently wrote that we should be aware of “work-life balance ‘tests’” during interviews, highlighting the chief executive of Barstool Sports, Erika Nardini, who reportedly texts job applicants interviewing with the company on weekends. Nardini said she does this “just to see how fast you’ll respond,” in an interview with The New York Times. She expects to be contacted back “within three hours,” she elaborated. “It’s not that I’m going to bug you all weekend if you work for me, but I want you to be responsive. I think about work all the time,” Nardini said. “Other people don’t have to be working all the time, but I want people who are also always thinking.”

It was also reported recently that Vena Solutions CEO Don Mal asks candidates if they’d “leave [their] family at Disneyland to do something that was really important for the company?” He expects them to say yes.

“The policy tracks with some of Nardini’s other beliefs about work-life balance. In her Times interview, she said she valued work ethic to the extent it matters “more than most anything,” and that young people new to their careers should get comfortable with discomfort.

‘It’s really great to feel uncomfortable,’ she said. ‘And you change so much as a person from that.’”

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