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remaking this post cause its embarrassingly long and stupid lmao.
anyhow im Fio, im black, nb, and mentally ill. and i have a good change of being kicked out in october by my abusive parents. they’ve already kicked me out once.
not going too much into their abuse but they’ve been physically and emotionally abusive, and they’re controlling to the point where i cant even complete schoolwork because they keep changing the goddamn wifi password every time 

they do not believe im mentally ill and are very lgbt phobic. its not a good place for me.

so ive had enough. in june 2019, hopefully, ill be moving out with my boyfriend @gamestuck.

to help raise money for this im taking writing commissions. 3$ per 500 words, 500 words min. no incest, pedo, r*pe, etc. dm for more info.

my paypal is here if you’d like to donate.

thanks you’re doing a big favor <3

actually, here’s a BIGASS list i have in my google drive when i reported them to cps abt the kind of abuse ive been subjected to for 17 years!! go nuts!

i now have a patreon! maybe consider supportin me there?

after a fight with my mom (bc i prioritized finishing my late schoolwork over church today) she p much said shes going to kick me out in october so,,,,, donate to my paypal or pledge to my patreon lol im terrified