everyone, especially trans lesbians and gay trans men, should be sure to block & report a blog that’s shown up here recently called “youre-not-passing” which reblogs mostly trans lesbian and gay trans men’s selfies with nothing but insults and deliberate misgendering. quite a few members of our community have already been targeted by the terf running the blog, along with their followers. please be on the lookout and be safe. if enough people report them, hopefully their blog will be removed, but in the meantime i advise you all to block the blog so that you’re not targeted, i also encourage everyone to reach out to those who have been targeted and make sure they’re okay and give them some love and validation. be safe y’all

also PLEASE reblog this and share with other people so they’re aware !!!! i just wanna make sure everyone’s safe

Hey trans day of visibility is coming up soon (March 31st) and there’s going to be a lot of selfies posted so please signal boost this post