transgender day of visibility is soon (march 31st) so a friendly important reminder to cis people, especially those who call themselves allies,

it is not a day for you to out your trans/nonbinary friends/acquaintances, because of “pride and visibility.” That’s not supportive, it’s dangerous. If you know someone is closeted, do not pressure them to post selfies or come out or whatever. use the pronouns they need to use in public for their safety.

if you want to be supportive of the day, reblog selfies and information by people who are out and want their voices boosted. donate to trans/nonbinary charities and gofundmes/donation posts on here, if you’re in a monetary situation you can do so. check in on your trans/nb friends (privately) and see if they’re doing okay.

cis people can and are encouraged to reblog this for reference and to inform other cis people.