The genuine scientific search for an ‘autism cure’ (not the bs ‘overdose on
vitamins’ pseudoscience scams, real research conducted in a scientific manner) is
eugenicist in nature.

They’re trying to identify the genes
that make us autistic so we can be identified as foetuses and a
mass eugenics campaign can be staged against us – like what’s happening
with Down’s Syndrome right now, where pregnant people are told abortion
is the only real option, pressured out of continuing the pregnancy, and
not offered any information or resources on how to raise a disabled
child. The vast majority of wanted, viable foetuses with the markers for
Down’s are now being aborted thanks to mass eugenics campaigns by medical establishments around the world.

Autism Speaks wants expand
these eugenics campaigns to autistic foetuses as well, because they think
the world would be better if people like us were never born at all.

That’s horrifying in its implications for how a society so eager to eliminate us treats those of us who are still here. (And it contextualizes the fact that the most popular ‘therapies’ for autistic children are abusive in nature and prioritize submission and conformity over safety or mental health.) It also means that even if a cure were actually achieved, that ‘cure’ would never exist for us as individuals.

In a society whose Top Autism Priority is to eliminate future generations of autistic people, the autistic people who exist now are being left in the dust. Children
are being forced into abusive and sometimes incredibly violent ABA
therapy to seem less ‘weird’ instead of being given positive
communication tools, strategies to minimize suffering, or information
about our own neurotype. Autistic adults are either
over-institutionalized and denied the most basic autonomy or offered zero support and
left to struggle and fail in a society not built to accommodate our needs.

discrimination runs rampant, doctors are not taught to understand the
way autistic people physically experience pain and illness differently (and process
medication differently), and autistic people of colour are being killed
by police officers who think ‘odd’ body language is a good excuse for

Meanwhile, organizations like Autism Speaks are being
given millions to make sure future generations of autistic people never
exist. So much of the suffering involved with being autistic is just the struggle of existing in a society that doesn’t support us
– how much better could it be, how much of the trauma of existing as
an autistic person could be avoided, if those millions went toward
empowering us to choose the lives we want to lead?