absolutely nothing should be sold for a profit if its absence can kill you.

water shouldn’t be sold for a profit.

food shouldn’t be sold for a profit.

healthcare shouldn’t be sold for a profit.

any system where people can die because they’re unable to access these resources needs to be dismantled.

Ok so I really really want to agree with this but like I’m currently taking a pharmaceutical class and it’s tainted my view on this..see I agree people should have better access to health care and medications but like getting it for free worries me especially since this site talks so much about livable wages. What about the people who helped develope the medications and test it to prevent the highest risk margins to make sure it’s as safe as possible to use and what about the people who sell the medications and are required to be as educated as possible to ensure its safety? I am just literally begging someone to explain to me how this system could hypothetically be implemented so the little guys can receive fair payment

The same could be said for the individuals who farm the food we eat. Not to mention where do you draw the line for how much food you need? How do you define what foods could theoretically be a luxury item and what should be free? Would you then run into the issue of extreme class division due to what foods are free and what are not?

It’s great to think of the individuals who can’t afford these things, but we should also be thinking about the people who produce the goods we are using that are so vital to us.

Watch a documentary called “Fire in the Blood” (it’s on netflix) and then you can understand the true atrocities that pharmaceutical companies commit. You can also see how we can give people drugs and healthcare for free or at exceedingly reduced costs
I don’t mean to diss the opinion of @thefoxsaysmurder, because I agree that the workers should be taken into account and should never be ignored in these conversations. But the profit I think this person is referring is mainly obtained and kept by higher ups (CEO’s and the like). It’s not wrong for people to be paid for these things, but it is wrong for industries to make millions of dollars off the backs of it’s laborers while simultaneously exploiting the poor.