Hi. My name is Gabriel Andersen French, and I’m an eighteen-year-old, mentally-ill, gay, transgender man.

I live under constant abuse. These are some of the things my parents do to me:

• They regularly berate me by insulting my intelligence, by insulting my appearance, by insulting my presentation as a queer person, and anything else they can think of.

• They threaten my pets with violence. I’ve watched them beat my dogs. They have a large collection of guns, and I’ve watched my step-father point them at my cats.

• They threaten me with violence. I’m constantly worried about being beaten if they’re upset.

• They throw things at me. I once had to go to school with a huge, nasty bruise that I got when my step-father hurled a radio at me. I had to lie about it.

• They’ve broken my phone. This happened the same night I had that radio thrown at me. They didn’t want me to be able to tell someone what had happened.

• They’ve punished me for my sexual orientation and gender identity. They looked through my phone, found out I’m not straight or cisgender, and grounded me from my phone and the Internet. They threatened to kick me out or send me to military school.

• They’ve punished me both me and my thirteen-year-old sister for reporting our sexual assault to them. On seperate occasions, we were both blamed for it, due to the fact that we were appparently being promiscuous.

My boyfriend, Oliver, also lives in an abusive household. These are some of the things his parents do to him:

  • They make bigoted (homophobic/transphobic) comments on front of him.
  • They regularly berate him, in a similar way to mine. They shame him for any behavior of his that they consider abnormal, which I sadly notice the effects of in his self esteem.
  • They’ve recently threatened to make him pay rent, because he acts “anti-social” with his family.
  • They’ve threatened to leave him at work, at 1:00AM, because he didn’t get off as early as they wanted.
  • They scream at him and his younger siblings, and sometimes threaten (or “joke about”) beating them.
  • They threaten to stop allowing him to have a job if he doesn’t also perform his household chores perfectly. They expect no less than perfection.
  • They’ve thrown things at him and his siblings.
  • They drive him places while drunk. I’m terrified for his safety when I know he’s in a car with them.

We plan on moving in together, no later than at the end of this summer, and we’re afraid we might not be able to obtain the money it’ll take to survive until we get on our feet.

This is a very difficult post for me to make. I’m making myself completely vunerable, and telling you all things that I’ve only told a few people throughout my entire life, because I need your help. Both of us are suffering, and lately it’s been worse than ever, because we don’t know just how rough we’re going to have it when we finally leave.

If you can donate any amount of money, even just a dollar, please consider doing so. If you can’t donate, please consider reblogging this post.

I love each and every one of you who choose to donate, and I love each and every one of my friends who have helped us survive throughout this. ❤❤❤