France is living something historical



March, 11th. While students were occupying a lecture hall in Montpellier’s University of Law, the Dean sent a fascist group helped by two teachers to beat up the students. Three of them ended up in the hospital, the girl in the picture with a fractured skull.

March, 27th. 4,000 students are sitting at Montpellier’s University of Art and Literature . We are voting the continued occupation of the University until all our demands are met. We make sure to include the French President’s resignation in our demands, to be certain that they will never be met. To this day, the university is still occupied.

April, 4th.

“Travaille, consomme et ferme ta gueule ! Et c’est quoi le message qu’on passe aux jeunes ?” “Tout est à nous ! Tout est à nous ! Rien n’est à eux ! Rien n’est à eux ! Tout ce qu’ils ont, ils l’ont volé ! Partage des richesses, partage des savoirs ou alors ça va péter !”

“Work, buy and shut the fuck up! And what’s the message you give to the youth?” “Everything is ours! Nothing is theirs! All they have, they have stolen! Share the wealth, share the knowledge or we will blow everything up!”

National day of strike. 2,700 people in Paris. 1,000 in Lyon. 2,000 in Montpellier. The workers joined the students, the hospital staff, the train and rails staff. Everyone marched, threatened by the CRS (security police) and smoke bombs. We had to stay masked because fascists groups were attacking people leaving the march.

April, 11th

Montpellier: Paul Valery University’s servers hacked, final exams pending

The Dean of my University (Art and Literature) has been a vocal opposant of our movement. In an effort to stop the occupation and threaten us, he has repeatedly refused to come to our meetins, has ignored the decisions made by the teaching staff and threatened to fire teachers who decided to march with us. His last effort has been regarding finals. Because the university is blocked since February (see the post I made), we didn’t have classes and almost no material to take exams. Final week was supposed to be from April 9th to 13th. The Dean ordered the teachers to create online exams for us to send. We received the subjects Friday 6th. I had to write an 18-page-long essay on animation in TWO DAYS. But today, something incredible happened. The plateform used by the university to communicate with students and send our exams was hacked by the protesting students. We can’t access it. We can’t send our exams. Furthermore, an assembly of teachers was held yesterday and they decided that they were going to play on a technicality. The Dean ordered them to make exams; he didn’t say if he wanted the teachers to grade them. A unanimous vote decided that they would give 10 to each student (we are graded on 20 and 10 is the minimum to pass) and bonus point if they give the exams.


Again, I’m begging you, share this around. The governement is purposefully hiding what is happening because they’re afraid it’s going to turn into another May, 1968. Reblog, repost, I don’t care. I just want people to see it. I’m 20 and I’m risking my life when I march.


Message from the video games teacher: “Hello everyone. There are rumors of police intervention in the next 48 hours on campus. I’m asking you to share the information, I will personnally be on campus tomorrow all day, as well as Friday. I don’t want to advise you to come, I’d feel too responsable if something happened to you… I do however think that the more students and teachers are here, the less risk there is that the police will come…’


“New information: a staff meeting is organized tomorrow at 9am by the university’s Dean. We just had Sud Eduction on the phone and they informed us that the meeting is organized in anticipation, to celebrate a very likely victory of the police against the students at 7am. I will be on campus at 6:30am with other teachers to support the students in case the police does come…”


Tomorrow, I will go at 6:30. Let the police come. If they get violent against peaceful students who haven’t touched ANYONE in the two months this protest has been going on, there will be consequences. We will take pictures, we will film. I’m a fucking cinema students and you can bet I’ll send my bloodied face to every fucking news station if they ever lay a finger on me.

Again, I beg you, share this, please. If I’m about to get my face broken, it better be for the greater good.