so today, i was at the grocery store with my mom, making a casual after-school trip to grab some food on the way to therapy. i was just gonna get some fuckin chocolate cake and some kombucha and whatever the fuck. so my mom and i are heading to the checkout and we pay for our stuff.

and see something brightly colored over at one of the other checkouts.

and you know what i see? do you know what my innocent tired eyes had to see?

i took my phone out and opened my camera as fast as i could, and took a picture as discreetly as i could manage. yes, the picture is blurry, so you may not be able to get a good look at what he’s wearing.

it’s this.

i saw this. my mother saw this. 

this man was wearing this in a grocery store.

this is why we need to shame people for nasty shit when they’re young or they’re gonna end up doin this shit.

That’s gross. Nothing particularly sassy to say- just

That’s gross