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Patreon Launch: persistently fem – essays, poetry & reflections on butch-fem identity | Patreon:


the implementation of FOSTA/SESTA has had a devastating impact on my financial stability. currently, I am barely scraping my rent together, never mind my bills, debts and other life expenses. it’s a hard, brutal time for sex workers in the world and combined with the fact that, after 20 years in this industry, I am thoroughly burned out it’s become apparent I need to explore other revenue streams.

for this reason, I have opened a patreon! kind followers who enjoy my work have the option of supporting it for as little as $1 per month – with several exciting options to choose from for great rewards!

for supporters who pledge $5 a month, I am making exclusively available a series of butch-fem erotic stories to enjoy. 

every month I will publish a new erotic story (or a new chapter of stories that are lengthy) available exclusively to patrons at the $5 or above tier. these stories will explore butch-fem sexuality in all kinds of erotic scenarios, from the romantic and tender, to the kinky and wild (and both at the same time!). I love to write explicitly, as I often find erotica for women can be skimpy on details. my stories are designed to make your thighs clench and your heart skip – they’re hotter than hell and entirely focused on butches and fems enjoying every inch of each other.

$20 per month or more earns you the option of a story written exclusively for you, by me, according to your specifications. this is a fantastic opportunity to customise your fantasies, dreams and desires in a quality piece of writing to hold onto forever. 

you can read more information at the link above, and feel free to contact me with any questions you have. if it’s within your resources, I would truly love and value any support I get from my readers! thanks, always, for being with me on this journey.

reblogs and reposts deeply appreciated!