first off, news sources have been giving misinfo, the volcano is not erupting! It did let out a large plume of smoke, but there is no volcanic eruption

What is happening is (as of now, 5-5-18) there are 6 fissures opening in a residential area and erupting

And no, this isn’t “normal” or “expected because you live on a volcano”, these eruptions are happening over 25 miles away from the typical area. And keep in mind that they are their own flows, and not a big flow created by the volcano

In fact, the people living on the volcano itself are perfectly fine

All of this is only happening in the puna district of the big island, it isn’t a state wide emergency

(Map showing affected area)

People surrounding the area have also evacuated due to the possibility of gas and due to the 6.9 magnitude earthquake (that’s why I had to leave)

Unless you live in the immediate area of Leilani estates the real danger currently is earthquakes

No one knows how long this will last, but last time there was an eruption similar to this was in 1955 and lasted 88 days, I really fucking hope that’s not the case this time

So anyways please reblog since major news stations have been spreading misinformation