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Twitter deleted her thread. Reblog to save it. #Love it!


Elexus Jionde

faces barrage of harassment after tweeting about 9/11 and black history

Jionde’s tweetstorm on black history prompted a largely positive response. However, it also triggered an onslaught of harassment, including racist comments and death threats.

“I’ve received death threats, racist jokes, and a lot of tweets regarding my future children having cancer. That [first] tweet has since gone viral, and without the 40+ tweets accompanying it, there are people in my mentions telling me that I’m a disgrace to my race and country for saying 9/11 only killed white people, when that isn’t what I said at all.”

Jionde believes that her thread being disabled was “no accident,” and she has accused Twitter of deliberately removing the thread.

“I believe Twitter deliberately unconnected the thread to deprive people of context. Some will say that it was some sort of system glitch or whatever, but I personally believe they disabled my thread because someone in the office was offended over the first tweet.”

Twitter outrightly denies this, suggesting that the problem could be the result of a bug. 

“We can confirm that no proactive measures were taken to remove specific replies from this thread and are looking into this, in the event that a bug may have impacted it,” Twitter’s head of communications, Kristin Binns, told BuzzFeed News.