A Guide For Exploring A Graveyard

– make sure its a graveyard and not a cemetery. There are different rules there.

– bring a friend, three small coins and your wits

– your friend does not need to be a human, bring your dog, or a stuffed animal, or a lucky charm. But always bring a friend.

– also bring a flashlight, but never go after dark.

– the groundskeeper is your friend, but dont talk to him. Not unless he talks first.

– never sleep in the graveyard. You never know whether you will wake up or not.

– take your headphones out, make sure you are always listening, you never know who could be trying to talk.

– never take anything from the graveyard. Not even photos.

– never leave anything there either, anything you touch has a part of you in it now, dont let yourself fall into the wrong hands.

– if you hear something, say nothing. If you hear it again remind them that you pose no threat

– when you go, dont leave your footprints near the gate. You never know what will follow you home.