Please pray for us here in Greece.

Three different places near Athens were destroyed by massive forest fires.

180+ people are severely injured and burnt.

50 people and counting were found dead on the streets, in their cars or houses, including families that were found hugging each other.

100+ are missing.

This is a national tragedy. So many were lost because of ARROGANT PEOPLE.

Spreading awareness. There’s no need for such things to happen, so many lives were destroyed for no reason.

As of 22:16 EEST, the death toll has risen to 74 and counting, the number of people missing is still unclear, while at least 187 people were injured, including 23 children.

I’ve been avoiding the news, just staying as far away from the TV as possible with this because everytime I hear news on this I keep thinking “This could’ve been us.”

Every year there’s more than one fire during the summer in Greece. The authorities try their best to spread awareness on forest fires and fire safety.

This has been named by CNN Greece as the one of the most devastating wildfires in Greece since 2000 and the worst that the country has seen since 2007 also by CNN.

Many have called the tragedy a biblical disaster, and they’re not exactly wrong: x, x, x.

The world is on fire.

“The heat and drought pattern is similar to that playing out much further north in Latvia and Sweden. Parts of Italy are also on fire. Earlier this year, enormous fires scorched Siberia.” -Vox

“As for the rest of the world, heat this summer has already proved deadly in countries including Japan, Pakistan, and Canada.” -Vox

Even parts of the Artic Circle.