When Elon Musk proclaims himself a socialist:

Musk has done more to further human progress in a few years than most do in a lifetime.

How’s that boot taste?

“Progress” should never come at the expense of human life. Never. Flat out.

How about an actual source cause this article sounds like bs.

The source is the Guardian, which is one of the most trusted newspapers out there.

But it’s “fake news” when they say something you don’t like, right?

Here’s the LA Times

Here’s CNBC

And is those are too Looney Leftist for you, here’s Fox Business

Progress comes at a price. You don’t like your job? Get a new one.

It’s not like he’s forcing you to work for him so if you think it’s dangerous, drop it, stop it and jump off to your dream job.

Can I make that a slogan

Drop it and stop it

You know, I’m going to step this past snarky gif use to an actual response here.

You are either young and incredibly naive or rich and live in a bubble, because for the large majority of workers, you can’t just leave your job.

78% of workers say they live paycheck to paycheck, there’s no savings to fall back on. You lose that job without another in line? You’re a month, probably less than, from being homeless. The vast majority of people do not have access to the privilege to even think about presuing their dreams so assholes like Musk can build ego rockets and the Waltons can own a yacht with another yacht inside.

The general population in the US is this creepy fucking combination if a) so fucking duped by this American Dream shit that’s still got its claws in everyone and b) zero empathy for anyone whose experience is even mildly different from their own. Man, I have lived here damn near my entire life and I don’t fucking trust us.