Lucifer is literally the angel of experience

“Lucifer, like Christ, stands at the door of mans consciousness and knocks if many says, go away because I don’t like what you represent, I am afraid of you, Lucifer will play trick on that fellow.

If man says, “Come in, and I will give to you the treat of my love and understanding and  I will uplift you in the light and presence of the Christ, my outflow,” then Lucifer becomes something else again.

He becomes the being who carries that great treat, the ultimate treat, the light of wisdom. The reason man has come to fear Lucifer is not so much that represents evil as because he represents experience which causes us to grow and to move beyond the levels where we have been.

The light that reveals to us the path to the New Age ‘Christ’ comes from Lucifer. He is the light giver. It is his light that heralds for man the dawn of greater consciousness. The true light of this great being can only be recognized when one’s own eyes see with the light of the inner sun.It is an invitation into the New Age.