1. Know where you are, Always believe in Satan as your source of protection and knowledge.

2. Always speak with sincerity to our father Satan he realizes our sincerity and honesty see our heart.

3. Walk proudly on this path like a warrior who does not leave his sword for battle.

4. Never think that our father Satan or some devil can hurt us because we know from the heart which side we are on.

5. Be grateful to our father Satan for the blessings or the good he gives us.

6. To be united for the same purpose so that Satan is and will be the one who has the victory.

7. Know our qualities and practice our gifts given by Satan to improve the spiritual level so be stronger in any attack.

8. Learn to listen to the voice of our father Satan to differentiate it from the voice of conscience and other beings that can interfere with our mind. The heart clearly identifies our father’s voice and when he says something that will be fulfilled.

9. Leaving out the absurd ideas of Christianity and not seeing Satan as Christians see it, we know that he is the owner of the light of truth.

10. Be always firm to the end no matter what happens Satan the victory will always get loyal and faithful to our father Satan.