no ones a bigger fucking snowflake piece of shit than the goddamn police who are out here beating up old ladies and children because they fear for their life

lmao yeah i bet you’re so scared with your big gun and big boots and big muscles. they seem like real big threats to you eh?

if you’re so fucking scared of things that literally no regular human being would consider a threat then don’t work in goddamn public safety. 

consider that you’re contribution to the safety of the public and hang up your power fantasy.

Think of every time you’ve interacted with a police officer in your everyday life. They move through traffic like sharks and everyone, every driver, stiffens up just a little. You don’t feel safer with a police officer around, generally, do you? You feel apprehensive, at the very least.

But then, police aren’t even legally required to protect citizens from danger. They don’t exist for that purpose. That’s why we have firefighters and EMTs and whatnot. You know, actual heroes.

The police exist to produce revenue for the ruling class and to safeguard their existing wealth. They exist to destroy the lives of marginalized people and provide slave labor to the prison industrial complex. They are wolves dressed not as sheep, but as shepherds.