Father Time is most often depicted as an old m…

Father Time is most often depicted as an old man with long hair and
beard, and a pair of wings. A scythe and hourglass are symbols
associated with him. The scythe represents the Divine harvest and the
hourglass denotes that the sands of time bring us closer to death. As
the scythe cuts the harvest, so life is ended by Father Time. He stands
behind a virgin (or young woman) attempting to untangle the ringlets of
her hair. It symbolizes that with time and perseverance all things can
be accomplished.

Acacia is an evergreen and represents the immortality of the soul,represents the timely discovery of his body.

The urn is a symbol of death and was used to collect tears of the mourners.It is often shown resting on a book symbolic of the Book of Life where
names of the righteous were recorded to ensure entry into Heaven.

Other representations show the virgin holding a scroll which is a symbol
of life. She can also be found holding a chisel or a mallet. She stands
before a sundered column symbolic of a life cut short.