10 Satanic Principles

Your spiritual practice gives you freedom, and space, to find your own answers,even if those  answers disagree with the spiritual teachings

You are not judged, punished or excluded for thinking differently, or questioning ideas.

Your spiritual practice moves you toward love and oneness, providing the space for you to forgive yourself and  others, as you let go of old heavy baggage which no longer serves you.

The spiritual teachings uplift you to new heights of awareness, while also inspiring you to  express yourself

Spiritual beliefs are  offered through lessons of empowerment and not through fear of karma,punishment or any  form of  dis-empowerment, nor should you  be manipulated through guilt, obligation, or impeding regret.

Your spiritual  teacher does not encourage dependency on him or her, tell you  what to do, how to think or make other spiritual teachings wrong or less than.

You are not asked to judge, reject or exclude others in order to remain in the “religion”, nor are you punished for those who don’t obey the rules of your “religion.”

You feel honored and respected by your  teacher and peers, and you never feel as  if the teacher, or spiritual practice, has power over  you, or that your worthiness is in question.

Your Practice empowers you to discover who you really are, and supports  you in developing an intimate and personal relationship with the  “Divine,” where you experience yourself as unconditionally loved.

If your intention is spiritual awakening, your spiritual practice must not only empower  you to discover  the door of awakening, it must also encourage you to let go so that you can enter. In  order to fully awaken, you  must be willing to let go of even the sacred  practice that got you there.