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This! This is why I start cursing like a sailor the minute someone brings up aaaallll the things we the people can do to stop climate change.

Spoiler: it’s nothing. Oh, sure, you can recycle your trash, but that doesn’t mean much when it all ends up getting burned anyway because our economy doesn’t have anywhere near the capacity to deal with the sheer mass of trash, and no interest in doing so. Like, “sure, our company could switch to environmentally friendly packaging, but that’d mean we’d have to change things and it might cost us a whole cent more per article and that’s just not viable you know, so sorry.”

Or, yes, you can absolutely bike to work instead of driving, but your CO2 emissions are nothing against what big companies blow into the atmosphere every second. Nothing.

Or, yes, you can absolutely grow bee-friendly plants in your yard, but that won’t save them.

By all means, be environmentally conscious! In fact, I strongly encourage you to be! But let’s be real here, our individual footprints on this planet aren’t what’s killing it. Big Industry is.

Same with food/water waste!! It annoys me so much when commercials and gov’t campaigns emphasize individual waste when corporations are doing the OVERWHELMING majority of the wasting.

“The Earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses.”

Utah Phillips