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HEY folks! My friend Holly designed this! It’s awesome and should
absolutely be a real lego set that people can buy! And it can be! It has
the support of Laika and @neil-gaiman,
but it needs a whole lot more regular people to vote for it on lego
ideas – so if you haven’t already, please go vote for it! And tell your
friends! Also click through to look at more pics, it’s amazing – it
opens up and has inside rooms and a folding staircase and all sorts of fun stuff.

you haven’t voted on lego ideas before, it does require either an
existing lego vip account or making an ideas account. An ideas account
requires an email address and a *&#% binarist gender selection (sorry). It
just goes to lego and they won’t sell it or send you emails unless you
click for them to send you emails. And it’s freeeeeeee. And doesn’t take long.

ways to help: signal boost! Reblog this, share with your fellow fans,
@Famous People who helped make Coraline and would love to make this a
reality. I know there’s Laika fans and Gaiman fans who haven’t heard
about this yet, and they should, don’t you think?

[And if you want to see it in person, it’ll be at Rose City Comic Con next month!
) Come see it and say hi, I’ll be at the lego (between the kids area
and the makers market), like, alllll the time. Unless there’s a doctor
who actor having a panel in which case that’s where I’ll be.]


things I forgot to add, that probably aren’t obvious: you do not need to be in the US to vote, it’s international (like lego!).

And also istg 95% of the reason this doesn’t already have enough votes is because it’s pink and designed by a woman and the lego dudebros aren’t voting for it. Please help prove them wrong! 😉