Atlantis is the name of a fabled continent tha…

Atlantis is the name of a fabled continent that got submerged by a massive flood several millenniums ago. Legends holds that the highly advanced civilization that flourished on that continent disappeared, but some survivors of Atlantis managed to sail to places like Egypt, America and Asia, where they became great teachers to the natives.

Atlantis is of a great importance in the occult elite’s mysteries as it is believed  that the continent actually existed and was the origin of the world’s occult knowledge.

Atlanteans who sailed to far-away  lands in order escape the Great Flood are considered the teachers of estoeric knowlege to the Ancient Egyptians, Mayans and possibly even the Celts. Mystery schools often state that the Biblical story of the Great Flood is  , in fact the story if the disappearance of Atlantis.

They also  claim that many other ancient cultures  have similar stories within their folklore.