What happened today in Pittsburgh is personal for me. The Tree Of Life Synagogue is the one my grandparents attend. Thankfully they were late to services today, but dear God was it close. My grandfather actually walked up to the building right as the first responders pulled up. Currently they only know that their Rabbi is safe. They do not know if any of their friends have died. They are waiting in fear of hearing the total death count. They are terrified of hearing the names.

This is what I will say: if you have made some sort of apology for anyone who holds views similar to Nazi or KKK ideology, listen up. You cannot make excuses for these people. Some people like that may seem non-violent, they may make compelling arguments as to why they deserve freedom of speech. Don’t listen to them. Their speech promotes this action. Their words encourage people to do these great acts of violence like what happened in Squirrel Hill today.

If you are a liberal or a conservative and you think that everyone deserves freedom of speech, you may well be right. But what these people preach, these Nazis and KKK members and alt-right members, what they preach is not just political. It should not fall within the bounds of free speech. It is hate speech. And it leads to shootings and lynchings and hate crimes. It is speech that leads to violence and death.

Stop making apologies and start doing something to protect your Jewish, Muslim, Disabled, LGBTQ+, POC etc siblings. We deserve respect and we deserve to be safe.