The spiritual beings worshiped as gods by many…

The spiritual beings worshiped as gods by many religious  groups are impostors. They are nothing more than the disembodied spirits of human beings who refuse to reincarnate. They remain on the astral plane, where they exercise power over other spirits and over living people.

We call them “Theocrats.” a name also use to describe the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs and other earthly rulers who justified their demand for  absolute political power by posing as divine beings.

When a  a naive soul has died they greet it on the other-side by proffering illusory welcomes  into fake heaven, populated with familiar religious figures and loved  ones. When the soul has strayed into their trap, it is devoured.

The Theocrats  want religious believers to feel guilty every time  they feel sexual desire or enjoy any ‘pleasures of the flesh.’the guilt literally addicts them to attending church services that subject them to  religious mind control.”